We all wanted our story in Hogwarts. Now it's my turn. Here I am.


003: Flashback: Hogwarts Express

The BIG DAY was near, so near...The first of December, I woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning. I couldn't sleep more, so I reviewed all the things I had to take with me. My wand, a perfect and beautiful owl called Pimey, my clothes, books... My parents bought me a white peacok quill, as a present.
When the clock announced 8 o'clock, we all were in the car, driving to Kings Cross. I was SO excited...I jumped in the car, talking all the time about Hogwarts, how it was, if teachers were good...
The moment of saying goodbye to my parents was difficult, but they didn't cry. They hugged me and I went into the train.
I searched a compartiment. Higher boys and girls punched me from one side to another, and I got into a half-free one.
-Hey...-Said I, smiling at a black-haired boy with green eyes.-Can I sit here, please?-Asked I.
The boy didn't say anything. He maked a gest that should mean "Yeah, sit down" and he started reading a Potions-book. I ate my sandwich while I read "Hogwarts History".
Another girl came into the compartiment.
-Hello.-Said she, looking at both of us.
She wasn't tall, but a little bit more than me, and she had black eyes and dark-brown, straight and long hair. She went into and sat down in front of me. She looked again at us.
-Well, my name's Sarah, and it's my first year here in Hogwarts. I thing it's also yours...
I nodded and the other boy did too. I closed the book carefully and looked at the girl.
-My name's Miranda.-Said I.-And yours?-Asked I to the misterious boy.
-Drown, Drown Tzär.
He didn't say anything else. He was strange, but I thing all of us are a little bit strange.
We changed our muggle-clothes for a tunic and the train stopped.
The biggest day of my life was starting jet.

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