We all wanted our story in Hogwarts. Now it's my turn. Here I am.


004: Flashback: My house

We arrived all together and after crossing the lake with a big man called Hagrid, we had to stay on the hall of a big castle. We all were visibly impressioned. I stook next to Sarah and Drown, even if he hadn't stopped reading his strange magic book. Then, a teacher told us that we could get into a room. It was big. VERY BIG. Impressionant. I stopped and another boy shoved me. A hat started to speak - TO SPEAK- and then the same teacher, who introduced herself as Minerva McGonagall, started to say names. Boys and girls in my age started to sit down and the hat sended them to a house or to another. Suddenly, she said my name. I looked at Sarah and Drown -I looked at Drowns book, which was in front of his face.-.


I closed my eyes. The hat started to think. I felt like all my feelings and thoughts were being checked by it.


- Hufflepuff! 

I smiled and jumped off the chair to run to my new house's table. Everybody thought Hufflepuff wasn't the best house. For me it was, and actually it is.

Drown ended up in Slytherin. He didn't pay atention to anyone in his new house, he just continued reading. Why was he so weird?
I thought Sarah would end up in Gryffindor, cause she was like so open-minded, but she didn't. She was in Ravenclaw. Maybe, there I should try to spend more time with my new "friends".

Cause...We were friends, weren't we?

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