We all wanted our story in Hogwarts. Now it's my turn. Here I am.


002: Flashback: Diagon Alley

My 11th birthday was a day that changed all my life. Next day, an other letter arrived, explaining how to get into the Diagon Alley to buy everything for studying in Hogwarts, so, the following week, we got ready to go. I was SO nervous...
We went to London and searched the specified pub, and maked the correct touches on the bricks. Suddenly, they moved and we saw a very, very big Alley full of people, magic things...
I was amazed! I wanted to run to see everything, but my parents told me to stay next to them and go first to buy the books. I remember the smell of that beautiful shop, full of books. Some of them were normal ones, others were magic, they spoke at me or maked strange noises.
We bought books, clothes, a pretty, little owl who I called Pimey (Darkness, because it is black with blue eyes ^^). And we went to buy a Wand, in a shop called Olivanders, but I knew the real owner was dead...So another person was working there. It was very, very difficult to find an apropiate wand for me. But we found one. Or, better said, it found me. It was 18 cm long, weeping willow wood and nucleus of unicorn hair. It was flexible, beautiful... I cannot discribe what I felt when it chose me.
We also bought a pass for Hogwarts Express. In Platform 9 3/4 (?)

...The story will be continued...It was all perfect, but sometimes, being a muggle-daughter can have some problems in magic society...

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